Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Blood Bros. BBQ - Houston, TX

These guys have more fun cooking BBQ than just about anybody I've ever seen. Brothers Robin and Terry Wong, owners of Glitter Karaoke, with their pit magician Quy Hoang, are turning out some remarkable BBQ in H-Town.

I was fortunate enough to be able to make it to Blood Bros. BBQ's latest "Beats + BBQ + Brews" pop-up this past Saturday at Lincoln Bar on Washington Ave. in Houston. The fun they have is translating directly into the quality of their products. Every bite was memorable. From the texture and flavor of the smoked brisket from 44 Farms, to the pork spareribs and rib tips, locally-sourced smoked boudin, and smoked quail, I was left completely impressed and waiting anxiously for the next time I'll be able get some of this.

The brisket was perfectly cooked and retained enough moisture even in the lean to be on my list of some of the best brisket bites I've had so far this year. Though it didn't need it, a dip here and there in their spicy sriracha-infused S.W.A.T. Sauce provided a fantastic fiery kick. The pork spareribs were peppery-spicy, smoky, and tender with a decent pull from the bone. I was really looking forward to the smoked quail from the moment I saw them post pictures of it going in the smoker. It had a good balance of seasonings and just enough smoke for a tremendous overall flavor. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this from them at future events.

The Blood Bros. have definitely evolved their product for the better from the time they came on the scene about a year ago. The extra spicy kick of seasonings we originally found in much of their offerings from their early events has been nicely tempered, and will now definitely appeal more to the masses. The spice profile is still there; it's just more balanced. Quy definitely understands the various products he is cooking and how they work in their Pitmaker Vault smoker, and he is quickly getting the attention of BBQ lovers all over town. Every single event they've done has shown progress. They've been consistently good enough to have earned a spot at this year's Houston Barbecue Festival, and the timing couldn't have been better for them to be able to get that kind of large-scale exposure. 

Pay attention to these guys on social media. And when they post info or an invite to their next pop-up, get it on your calendar and make it a point to be there. 

- Scott

Brisket, boudin, pork spareribs, rib tips and smoked quail--all excellent

Sliced brisket, beef from 44 Farms

Smoked quail

S.W.A.T. Sauce, and some smoked, local boudin

Tasty rib tips

Blood Bros. BBQ - Houston, TX  - (713) 201-0124.
Popups generally monthly, locations vary; follow Blood Bros. BBQ on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for info on events, locations, days and times.

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